Flexible Magnet Sheet

Flexible magnet sheets have a wide variety of uses and are a very popular item. We carry this flexible material on rolls measuring 24.375" wide. Rolls are available with adhesive or a white vinyl surface. We also offer pre-cut sheets measuring 3.5"x2" (business card size), 4"x6" and 8.5"x11". Our flexible magnet sheets come in 20, 30, and 60 mil thicknesses.

Flexible Magnetic Sheets Custom SizeAny size magnet you want! Pick from adhesive facing or white vinyl facing, select the sizes, and we'll give you a custom quote.

Discounts for 5 rolls, 10 rolls and 50 rolls.


Flexible White Vinyl Magnetic SheetsThese magnetic sheets have a white vinyl front that you can stenciled on, paint on, or screen-print on. 


Flexible Magnetic Sheeting RollsMagnetic sheeting on a roll.  Choose from: white vinyl facing, indoor or outdoor adhesive, or colored vinyl facing.

Rolls available in 10ft, 20ft, and 50ft lengths.